Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Admission and Administration Requirements

Academic Admission Requirements:

  • High school diploma or high school equivalency (Transcript and/or diploma to be forwarded to the College); or
  • Mature students who do not meet the education prerequisites may be considered for admission on an individual basis provided the following conditions are met:
    • Applicants are at least 19 years of age at the time of application;
    • Applicants have been out of school for at least one year;
    • Applicants complete the standardized assessment instrument and obtain the result of high school equivalence on all subtests;
    • Applicants present a certified copy of grades for the highest educational level attained.
 Administration Requirements:
  • Completion of Keyin College’s official application form;
  • Application fee of $50 (non-refundable).  It must be noted that this is an additional cost for the processing of your application.
  • International applications are subject to a $250 application processing fee (non-refundable)

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • Certificate of Conduct;
  • Applicant must posses basic computer skills including: e-mail and internet;
  • CPR and a 16-hour First Aid course are co-requisites of the program and must be obtained prior to beginning the practicum.  This will be completed as part of the Speech Language Pathology Assistant program, usually in the week prior to beginning the practicum;
  • Up-to-date immunization record including the following:
    • Tetanus / Diphtheria (within 10 years)
    • TB Screening (2 steps)
    • Measles, Mumps & Rubella (1 dose if born before 1970 – 2 doses if born after 1970)
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox Vaccine)

PLEASE NOTE:  Applicants must meet all immunization requirements for the industry.  If any applicant has had Measles, Mumps, Rubella, or Chicken Pox, they must provide written documentation of immunity through a blood test.

Keyin College is pleased to announce Newfoundland and Labrador’s first and only Speech Language Pathology Assistant program! This program will prepare the student to work as an assistant for a Speech and Language Pathologist in a variety of work settings. The emphasis of this program will be placed on preparing the graduate to conduct remediation programming after the therapist has assessed, diagnosed and determined the treatment approach. Truly an opportunity for a rewarding career!

Graduates of this program will work as supportive personnel in preschool speech language programs, day care centres, acute care hospitals, residential treatment centres, nursing homes, long term care facilities, private speech language clinics.

Speech Language Pathology Assistant Courses View
  • Communications
  • Document Production I
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Concepts of Recreation, Leisure & Play
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Program Planning
  • TR and Older Adults I
  • TR Intervention: Exercise Program
  • TR Assessment
  • Introduction to Adolescent Care
  • TR: Processes and Techniques
  • TR and Older Adults II
  • Introduction to Leisure Counseling Skills
  • Management and Leadership Strategies
  • Mental Illness and Addictions
  • Adapted Recreation
  • Leisure Education
  • Recreation & Youth Development
  • Introduction to Outdoor Recreation
  • Client Outcomes in TR Service Delivery
  • TR in Health Promotion & Rehabilitation
  • TR & The Nature of Disabilities
  • Improving Quality of Life in Caregiving
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Hearing & Speech Mechanism
  • Introduction to Communicative Disorders in Adults I
  • Child Language Acquisition & Related Disorders I
  • Articulation/Phonology (Lab)
  • Introduction to Augmentative Communication & Tech (Lab)
  • Introduction to the Profession
  • Principles of Therapy & Programming Communicative Disorders in Adults II
  • Child Language Acquisition & Related Disorders II
  • Stuttering, Fluency & Voice Disorders
  • Language, Learning, Literacy
  • Augmentative Communication: Applications (Lab)
  • Introduction to Audiology
  • Clinical Issues
  • Professional Issues
  • Populations with Special Needs

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