Career Preparation

Keyin College delivers an eight-week Career Preparation for individuals needing assistance into the workforce. This is a program developed to promote personalized and individualized interaction between the facilitator and individual to ensure self-understanding and self-exploration. The program aims to increase the range of vocational options, and to clarify advantages and disadvantages of vocational alternatives so that indecision can be resolved. Students will be given the opportunity to undergo aptitude testing and self-assessment, which coupled with an analysis of the most up-to-date labour market information, will give them a realistic view of the real world. From this information they will be able to see what is available to them from the start of the program, to enable them to make informed decisions for their future.

The program consists of seven (7) interchangeable modules, which can be delivered in any order allowing for flexibility of delivery.

Career Preparation Courses View
  • Orientation
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Lifework Planning
  • Self-Esteem
  • Presentation Skills & Team Building
  • Job/Career Search
  • Job Shadowing

Currently offered at the following locations:

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